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Anaya Farrell, LIMFT, AAMFT Clinical Fellow 

Grief. Loss. Change. Transition.

Find balance with Anaya Farrell, LIMFT, AAMFT Clinical Fellow: I'm a highly trained systems therapist and intuitive consultant. I will walk with you through these times of great transformation...awakening joy, celebrating strength, and honoring all that is sacred within your story.

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Virtual Retreat
"Releasing Resentment...
Awakening Joy!"


Learn actionable strategies to nurture equilibrium and inner peace. 

For more info and to sign up, connect with Anaya.

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Helping Hand

Are you looking to live a more authentic life?

Do you feel stuck, burdened or overwhelmed by your history and related trauma?

Re-story your life and uncover the richness, vibrancy and dynamism that is unique to you.

Access your full sense of personal empowerment and integration on all levels. Create a dynamic future that is rich with possibility and promise!

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About You

You are high-functioning, creative, curious, intuitive, autonomous, accountable...and thinking "outside the box" is your strong suit.

You’re “spiritual” in your own way, yet rational and grounded.

You’re honest, real and appreciate grit, humor and an upfront approach.

You know who you are, you know you’ve got gifts AND you know it’s high time to share them with the world!

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And yet...

...anxiety and overwhelm can lead you down a rabbit hole. times you get triggered & you're not sure how to handle it.

...lately parts of your history are resurfacing and wearing you down.

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You long to live your life aligned with greater passion, purpose and empowerment.

You know you’ve got presence, yet yearn to claim space in a bigger and better way.

You seek strategies that really work:

to boost confidence, create clarity

and keep you centered in the moment when it counts.

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I'm Anaya

Welcome! So happy you’re here!

I’m a systems therapist specializing in grief, trauma, change and transition. I bring twenty years of experience as a clinician, holding dedicated space for your transformation via deeply healing somatically-based therapeutic modalities. I hold advanced certifications in mindfulness and hypnotherapy as well as Mindful Self-Compassion, EMDR,  MBSR, narrative, solution-focused brief and many other evidence-based therapeutic techniques and strategies. I also hold holistic certifications in medical intuition, diverse energy healing modalities and I am a CYT (250). I have a background in performing, and have taught acting with a focus on the development of “Authentic Presence” via mindfulness and narrative therapy techniques for over ten years @ Case Western Reserve University. I see individuals, couples and families, and facilitate group work. I am a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. 

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Uncover the richness, vibrancy and dynamism that is unique to you.

Create a new narrative and access your full sense of personal empowerment.

Studying at Home


Learn practical strategies to maintain equilibrium when the going gets tough


Re-story your life by neutralizing triggers and de-activating trauma



Actualize integration to feel more embodied, authentic, dynamic and alive

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I'd Love to Hear From You!

You'll do your best work with someone you can trust - someone who will meet you with authenticity,

integrity, and honesty. I bring that to the table.

If you feel curious and want to learn more, reach out for a free 15-minute consult.

Get calm, get clear, get connected...

Complete the form below and I'll connect within 1 business day.

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